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Someone Cares About My Work!

I was at my regular job the other day, when I got a message on Facebook. It was from a woman who runs a local cafe which she also uses as a venue for art shows from time to time. She is also an artist and works predominantly in mixed media, and asked me if I would be willing to put some of my "Animals Attacking Humans" series in her show "Haunted". The show opens on October 24th at the Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, VA just in time for Halloween. Um, yes. First of all, I love Halloween but more importantly, I am flattered, excited, and as always surprised. I've spent most of my life keeping my art to myself, never thinking that anyone would care to see it and now someone has *asked* me to participate in their show? Do you know how cool that is? Ha. My lovely friend Sara, also an artist, directed this woman to contact me and I am so grateful. Sara kills it with networking, something I wish I was as proficient at. But for now the networking will have to go on the backburner because I've got to get started on some seriously creepy, sci-fi, pervy, peices to hang. Arty Ghostie Venchies!

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